The CARBIO project is developing automotive structures with reduced weight, cost, environmental impact and improved noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) by the incorporation of novel flax-bioepoxy composites into carbon fibre components. Carbon fibre-epoxy composites can reduce the weight and improve the performance of automotive components and structures. If the automotive industry is going to employ carbon fibre in volume there are challenges that need to be met, including those of cost, NVH and environmental impact.

Flax fibres are low cost, renewable, CO2 neutral and have excellent vibration damping properties, whilst bio-based epoxy resins offer enhanced toughness and sustainability over synthetic epoxies.The project partners are developing and optimising flax/carbon hybrid biocomposite materials and testing them according to automotive OEM specifications. A number of automotive parts are being designed, manufactured and tested as case studies for the technology.

The CARBIO project is part-funded by Innovate UK.